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Natural choices for your precious family. Genuine Baltic Amber, Australian Applewood, Silicone Jewellery, Breastfeeding Tea, Babywearing slings and carriers including woven wraps, ringslings, and soft structured carriers. Accessories and gifts

T.I.C.K.S. Created by UK Consortium of Sling Manufacturers and Retailers Click on this link to see the file.

The reason we carry our babies is because of Love.

We are motivated on every level of our being to protect and nurture our children.

It is natural to carry our babies close, on our body, and since we don’t have a pouch as many other mammals do, we need to choose one.  This choice can be guided by many things; price/budget, a well-intentioned gift, re-using a secondhand item, making the most of what you have, a beautiful catalogue, a friendly staff member.   These influences could have us choose a carrier (woven wrap, ringsling, soft structured carrier, buckle sling, front pack carrier, tablecloth, sarong, etc) that is perfectly suited to the age, weight, development, need and safety our precious cargo requires –  or we could just as often get one detail incorrect, miss an important element, or get the whole thing wrong.  So, where do you  start?!

Start with T.I.C.K.S.   Although some of the illustrations within this guide show a baby lying down, it is best practice to position your baby upright.

Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off the chest, Supported back.  If your carrier can’t offer your baby and yourself every one of these important checkpoints – don’t buy it, don’t use it.  You could seek help with trouble shooting, a local Sling Group might get you T.I.C.K.S.-ing away in the carrier you just couldn’t master on your own.  You may have to leave the carrier until another age/stage, if your child has outgrown or still needs to grow into it.  Or it may be that the problem lies with the particular carrier.  Not all are created equal.

There is a vast array of quality options sold by reputable businesses that are tested for babywearing strength and safety, and totally T.I.C.K.S.-able.  These products will be made of materials including organic textiles, natural-based dyes, rings and buckles that have passed stringent testing, instructions for optimal use of the carrier, and a means of contacting the business in the future.  If you choose to buy something from a retail store you can ask the staff member what training they have to help you, if you buy second hand you can request the original sales docket, if you buy a popular brand it is a good idea to go through an authorised stockist as listed on the website of the brand.  In Australia the Babywearing industry/community are working towards a standard, a set of guidelines, to reflect our knowledge, understanding and experience of the most important rules and features.

Local groups who advocate, support and introduce many parents to the wonderful ways of Babywearing exist.  Social media such as Facebook can put you in touch with a group local to you, and most will offer online support as well as regular meets.  These meets will assist you to learn new skills, most groups have Sling Libraries for you to try, other parents and children to talk to, and you can also socialise and soak up the babywearing bliss in the company of like-minded families.   There are great websites that provide useful information – I will put these in a resources file for you to access.

In a nutshell safe babywearing is possible with a little thought and practice – Keep your little one HIGH and TIGHT, FACING IN and UPRIGHT!

When you buy, borrow or are given something with which to carry your precious baby:
READ and FOLLOW the instructions.
EXAMINE it for wear and tear regularly.
CHECK the care/washing instructions.
REMEMBER that your child is your responsibility, no one else can accept liability (except in cases of defect or other legally enforceable circumstances) if you or your child are accidentally injured.
ALWAYS ask for help if you need someone more experienced to assist you.

This blog is the opinion of AngelRock Baby and does not replace your responsibility in regards to the methods you use and activities you undertake while caring for your children.