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AngelRock Baby

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Manduca giveaway



Did you come along to One Fine Baby, Sydney, August 16-17th?  AngelRock Baby was one of the first little businesses to take part in what was the first ever One Fine Baby Fair.  

It was a fabulous weekend, I was thrilled to meet so many wonderful families, expectant parents, babywearing friends – and also to see the showcase of other stalls displaying beautiful and unique baby products and services.

I promised you a giveaway – I promised it would be BIG!  Well, here it is!  Over the weekend of the fair I spoke with many people about how to choose and use a fabulous way to carry your baby or toddler.  There was quite a bit of interest in woven wraps, ringslings, stretchy wraps – but the most tried on product I introduced people to was the soft structured carrier, specifically the MANDUCA carrier.   Some of the things to look for in a high quality carrier that you can use with confidence are safety features and optimal design.   If you took home one of my Goodie Bags then you will have already read about T.I.C.K.S. – the guidelines for carrying your child safely.

Manduca carriers are made specifically to allow you to carry your precious child TIGHT, IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES, CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS, KEEPING CHIN OFF THE CHEST, SUPPORTING THE BACK.  These simple points prevent accidents and injuries to your child, particularly in the first 4 months.  In addition the Manduca design offers an inbuilt newborn insert which aides your baby (from 3.5kg) to be held in an ergonomic position.  Double buckles give you an easy to adjust carrier that you can enjoy wearing on your front, hip or back for maximum versatility, and allow for crossing the straps which is very comfortable when carrying your child on your front.  A handy zip-open extension gives extra height for a taller child, as you can carry up to a 20kg child in these strong and practical carriers.  In the sun, or when bub has fallen asleep you will discover the hood tucked inside the body panel, some mums like to use this when breastfeeding on the go.


manduca_true_diamond manduca-baby-carrier-LimitedEdition-True-1-580pxf Manduca_True_Emerald_3

These new designs from Manduca are two of their Limited Edition collection.  The names of these stylish, geometric designs are TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald.  I couldn’t decide which to give away – so the winner can choose which they prefer.  Along with your new carrier you will also win an accessory pack – bringing the total cost of the prize (including post within Australia) to just over $310.  That’s a pretty fabulous Father’s Day present!

manduca-babytrage-2014-true-diamond4 manduca-LimitedEdition-TrueEmerald-lifestyle-2-400px S72PG2NkwNG_s460xn

When you carry your little one in a Manduca they can have optimal positioning – little legs should be held in a spread-squat position – the natural and healthy position in which a baby clings to it’s parent.  What does this position look like?  Upright, (this also reduces the risk of suffocation that is associated with certain slings in which the baby lies down and the airway can be compromised) Facing In to the parent, (all the better to cling – and this protects the infant spine which is naturally in a soft C shape rather than ‘straight’/S-shaped), Knee-to-knee support, (for comfort, as well as to hold the hips in a healthy ‘M’ position with knees at navel level, encouraging good hip development).  And you are not forgotten, the comfortable belt goes firmly around your waist to help distribute weight evenly – this is especially helpful for those who have aching shoulder/neck/back from other ways of carrying their child).


This giveaway is offered by AngelRock Baby (NSW, Australia) along with Carry My Baby (WA, Australia).  For more information on this exciting collaboration check out the post Carry My AngelRock Baby

Make sure you follow the two pages on Facebook  – there are more giveaways to try your luck in.

Click on this link to enter this great prize, terms & conditions and a full description of the prize are included.  Competition closes September 5th 2014.  Open to Australia & New Zealand only.  GOOD LUCK!