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Unicorns at the beach  The Lewlewbelle Story: Featuring one lovely Aussie Mum, four adorable children, bucket loads of creative juices and plenty of Faeries…

One of the nicest experiences I enjoyed while attending the first Australian Babywearers Conference in Melbourne, October 2013, was sharing a taxi ride with Therese on a rainy afternoon.  Therese is a very talented and equally friendly person, and the Australian wraps she has made for babies to be cuddled and carried in are a perfect mix of comfort and imagination.  I am glad to have met Therese and I’m very excited to share with you not only Lewlewbelle woven wraps and ringslings, but also an exclusive collection that has been a collaboration between Therese and myself.

Therese and two kids

All Therese’s babies have been worn, in several different ways, journeying through Kapoochi and Baby Bjorn to a pouch sling before the wonderful discovery of woven wraps brought a whole new horizon to the way she enjoyed babywearing.  Like many mums a new pregnancy brought the inspiration to practise new skills learnt with the toddler before.  Lucky for the new baby Mum was prepared (after practising with a dolly)  – baby number 3 was a little girl who needed to be worn in an upright position to soothe her reflux.  Therese and her partner took turns wrapping their daughter, as so many babywearing parents of reflux babies do.  When the fourth baby joined the family wrapping was a time of precious cuddles and sleepy dust.  The last baby is always the hardest to put down, and wearing your youngest child gives you a closeness in even the most vibrant of family times!  Therese found it much easier to get around wearing bub and keeping up with the elder 3 without using a cumbersome pram.


 When I asked Therese about her favourite way to carry her children her response was “I loved wrapping and tend to prefer a longer wrap tied Tibetan so its easier on my shoulders, I do have a few Mei Teis I use once they are a bit bigger.  When a newborn I prefer to carry in a FWCC, I only really use a back carry when they are a little older and begin to have better head control.”

 Faeries peek-a-boo

The motivation to begin her own business was one that many mothers can relate to “I started Lewlewbelle when Maeve was 6 months old, I wanted to be able to stay at home for the children but still fulfil my creative needs so I started making and dyeing my own linen wraps which I now ship all over the world!” says Therese.  Lewlewbelle has been dyeing woven wraps for over 4 years now and as Therese says “I still get such a kick out of a beautiful smooth grad I have achieved and love that I am helping keep Mums, Dads and bubs close worldwide.”  Totally self taught both in babywearing and her dye work, Therese is working towards completing some babywearing training this year.  Her most useful tip for a new baby wearer is “keep at it, it does get easier, don’t be scared to ask for help!!”

Therese dye job

Lewlewbelle Faeries is Therese’s personal favourite among her collection of beautiful products, “I always had a special place for faeries as a child and I remember that each time I see a Faeries wrap!!”   In 2014 Therese is excited to continue helping babies be close with their carers, and there are some Lewlewbelle projects currently underway that she will be unveiling in the near future.

Lewlewbelle Australian made woven wraps in 100% cotton, toddlerworthy.  Beautiful, reversible patterns featuring blue and white Unicorns or mauve and white Faeries.

Lewlewbelle Australian made woven wraps in 100% cotton, toddlerworthy. Beautiful, reversible patterns featuring blue and white Unicorns or mauve and white Faeries.


 Faeries size 3 $150, size 4 $165, size 6 $195

Unicorns size 3 $150, size 4 $165

Lewlewbelle Faeries and Unicorns woven wraps come with a special gift with purchase.  Sterling silver necklace in either Faerie or Unicorn design, from AngelRock Jewellers.