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AngelRock Baby

Natural choices for your precious family. Genuine Baltic Amber, Australian Applewood, Silicone Jewellery, Breastfeeding Tea, Babywearing slings and carriers including woven wraps, ringslings, and soft structured carriers. Accessories and gifts

WE HAVE A WINNER:  TANYA RENNARDSON!  Please send me an email to

AngelRock Baby is giving away some gorgeous prizes, the first of which will be announced tonight!

The first winner will be:  A brand new babywearer, who does not yet have any wraps, slings or carriers.

They have been nominated on my facebook page Angelrock Baby www.facebook/BalticAmberBabywearing

And both they and the friend who nominated them have both liked my page.

Could this be you?  Get your name on the list!!!

Winner randomly drawn in one hour…  (10.30pm NSW)  The prize will be a LittleFrog Rainbow…

The mystery continues, the first names drawn did not meet the guidelines of the competition!

Entries now remain open until Wednesday night 🙂

Fuchsia, Icy, Sandy, Sunny Agate