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Lisa and Joel in London

Lisa and Joel in London

I would like to share with you a Babywearing story that in some ways is very much like my own.  I wonder how your own Babywearing Journey compares with the one of Lisa, the creator of the Bara Barn brand, or Fanny one of  her three children?


This photograph captures an everyday moment in life: Mum, Lisa, is in London, sightseeing with a 5 year old son, Joel.  An exciting day has taken it’s toll on a little boy who has fallen asleep, his mother uses a sling to comfortably carry her ‘baby’ who is far too big to hold easily in her arms.  Fanny, 12yrs old at the time of this photo, has fond memories of the slings with which her Mum carried her baby brother.  When I asked Fanny to tell me about the way Bara Barn was born she said:  “Yes, our story is quite special 🙂 One thing about having a family business is that we do it because we love to do it, not because we have to do it. Mum and I might be lucky because we get along very well and think alike which also makes it easy to run the business together.”

Here are some of the questions and answers that will give you inside information about a family business that produces a very high quality, lightweight, portable and versatile way to carry your child.  Newborns, toddler, pre-schoolers are all catered for here 🙂

 When did babywearing begin for you?

Lisa: When I had my third child, Joel, a friend introduced me to baby wearing and you could say it was love at first sight. 

Fanny: I was 7 when my brother was born. I remember wishing I was younger so I could be carried in the sling as well, it looked so comfortable. From that moment there has never been any doubt that I will carry my future children in slings.


Can you share a beautiful moment of babywearing for your family?

Lisa: I have so many beautiful moments. but on of the best moments was once when Fanny and my other daughter, Sandra, wanted me to play with them in the garden. They were pretending they had a circus and wanted me to be the circus manager. Joel was just a baby and I had him in the sling. That way I could give him the attention he needed and at the same time play with the girls. They even made it a part of the game that I was carrying Joel. Every time I could say yes to the girls and still take care of Joel was a beautiful moment.

Fanny: I do not have any children, but one time I carried my dog. I thought he would try to get away but I was wrong. He actually liked it! It was amazing to have him that close, so I can only imagine what it is like to wear your own baby. 


What is your personal choice to carry your own child as a newborn, then as a toddler?

Lisa: When Joel was little I only had short slings and I was perfectly happy with that, so I can not say much about other kinds of slings. Although, I remember my friend preferred using a long wrap when she was carrying for a longer time. 

Fanny: It will depend on the situation. I’m thinking, like mum’s friend, a longer wrap for example long walks and before the baby can walk and a shorter sling for when the baby can walk and wants to get in and out of the sling all the time.


What made you begin your own company?

Lisa: It was hard to find slings in Sweden back then and I loved it so much I thought more people should know about it. Also, none of the slings I bought was made of fabric that was as lightweight as I wanted it to be. 


When was your company ‘born’?

Lisa: In 2001. However, the last few years I have unfortunately not had time to work much with Bära Barn. That is why Fanny is in the business now and we are re-launching it together.

Fanny: I am very grateful to get this opportunity! It is so much fun and I am learning new things about running a company every day. 


What training do you have?

Lisa: When it comes to baby wearing, I am self-taught.

Fanny: Only the things mum has taught me.


Favourite Bara Barn product?

Lisa: My favorite is the ring sling because it is easy and quick to put on. And my favourite designs are Lotus Blossom and Mint, the bright colours make me happy.

Fanny: I really like the knot shawls because since I do not have any children to carry I can use the knot shawl as a scarf. When it comes to designs I have a new favourite every day, I like all of them so it is hard to decide which one I like the best!


What is the most useful thing to teach a new baby wearer?

Lisa: Find what works best for you! Remember baby slings have been used for thousands of years all over the world, before there were any instructions. What feels good for you and your child is usually good.

Fanny: Make sure the sling is really tight around you and your baby. That way it is safe and gives you the best support. Also make sure the fabric is evenly spread over your shoulder so the weight is distributed properly.


What are you excited about in the future?

Lisa: Spreading the wisdom of baby wearing so that more people can enjoy it. 

Fanny: Working with new products and developing the company.