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AngelRock Baby

Natural choices for your precious family. Genuine Baltic Amber, Australian Applewood, Silicone Jewellery, Breastfeeding Tea, Babywearing slings and carriers including woven wraps, ringslings, and soft structured carriers. Accessories and gifts

Manduca giveaway

Babywearing is not a lonely activity – Cuddles are certain, but did you know there is also a wonderful community that you can discover at Slingmeets , Babywearing events, and online?

AngelRock Baby is based on the East Coast of our beautiful and enormous country; far on the other edge of our wide land there is a very similar Mum – at Carry My Baby.  Fiona is on the West Coast, between us there is a lot of distance, and yet we have become friends through the like-minded approach we have to our children (7 between us) and how we juggle our businesses with our families.

Just as we teach our children to be generous and kind, that sharing and helping make more people happy – AngelRock Baby & Carry My Baby find that when we help each other out we keep our customers satisfied.  You are the reason we have filled rooms with gorgeous woven wraps, spectacular ringslings, fabulous carriers and everything else we can fit in!  We both like to give great customer service, and we understand that some customers prefer to shop locally.

There are a few brands that we share, such as LittleFrog and Manduca – so when we both decided it was Giveaway O’Clock we thought you would enjoy getting a chance in both our competitions.  Fiona has been kind enough to post off a LittleFrog to my customers when I have been short on size or colour, and I’ve been happy to return the favour.  Usually you wouldn’t ever know – but if you have checked tracking and found your fluffy mail is coming from an unexpected direction you should know that two families have helped you wear your precious bub.  We both love the closeness and practicality of carrying our own children, and we are looking forward to helping more babies enjoy their own cuddles-on-legs 🙂

There are many friends I have made along the way as I enjoy my journey of Motherhood.  Mother’s groups, Playgroups, Swimming lessons, Library Storytime – there are many, many avenues for new friendships to be discovered.  One of the groups I regularly spend time with is my local babywearing group.  No matter where you live there are bound to be other parents not too far from you.  By joining your local Slingmeet group you can enjoy mornings in the park, or an afternoon at someone’s house, you will learn more about carrying, or you can share the tips and tricks that you have mastered.  In October we will celebrate International Babywearing Week – make sure you find your local group before then, this is a party where EVERYONE is welcome!